Genealogy Meets History

One student watched an episode of Finding Your Roots and was inspired by a conversation between Pharrell Williams and Henry Louis Gates and their discussion about African American history. He used ClioVis to fill in some of the historical gaps of Pharrell William’s family history. You can see the timeline below! Click through it. What would you have added? Note the timeline is interactive. You can click on nodes and connections.

Cycling to Suffrage

With its unique focus on visualizing connections between events, ClioVis is rich with potential. Check out the following ClioVis timeline that uncovers the connections between bicycles and the Women’s Suffrage Movement!

Note: The timeline is interactive, click on nodes and connections to see how ClioVis works.

Multiple Timelines

ClioVis allows you to create and combine multiple timelines within one project. Take a look at the sample project on the COVID-19 pandemic below to see what this can look like.

Note: The timeline is interactive, click on nodes and connections to see how ClioVis works.

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